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Jamie Beldo Belz Revolution World Fitness

I'm a radio girl gone rogue

as a faith-based,

fitness fanatic

and foodie.

...this could get



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Revolution World Fitness Minnesota Personal Training Faith Based Fitness Jamie Beldo Belz

Jamie Belz

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I Fitness Consultant I Owner of Revolution World Fitness

Hello! I'm Jamie, I grew up on a Century Farm in "the-middle-of-nowhere" Northern Minnesota. My family and I ate exceptionally nutritious meals. We raised/hunted our own meats and grew vegetables. We were always outdoors and very active.


As I entered adulthood, I became lost in the chaos of marketing buzz words and the confusion of contradictory findings with each "new scientific study." The extent of nutritional training I had received was a worksheet on the food pyramid in grade school. I was clueless.

I thought fat made me fat. I used sugar and caffeine for energy. I focused on calories. Worse yet, my motivating factor was to look good. I wasn't driven by longevity and vitality. I was onboard the ever popular "be bikini ready by..." bus.

Over the next 10 years, I was creep conditioned into believing my lack of energy and focus, skin issues, bloating, and constipation were normal. I looked "in shape" and felt "fine" so I was healthy, right?

I believe most of us are somewhere in this boat. Of course we want to look good, but we also want to be healthy. We just don't know what to believe anymore. Fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, free-range, farm fresh, fair trade, organic, all natural, sustainable, and on and on...

"Science" can prove anything! It simply depends on who's funding the research. There is an incredible amount of money to be made and everyone wants a piece of the pie. The fitness industry is also grabbing for their take.

According to market data, the U.S. fitness industry brought in $84.3 billion in 2014 alone. 


Do you know what the most successful programs are selling?  COMMON SENSE.  Eat right. Exercise. Repeat.

SERIOUSLY! There has never been, and never will be, a magic formula. There isn't one single workout, diet, gizmo, pill, or gadget that is going to offer a one-size-fits-all, and more importantly, SUSTAINABLE solution.


We must stop viewing health and fitness with a completion date. Being healthy is a lifestyle. It's not for 40 days or 90 days... it's for LIFE.


Once I revolutionized my perception of health and fitness, I revolutionized my life. Now, I LOVE helping others recalibrate for success. The only problem with my "super secret six-pack solution" is that it's harder to sell than an eight week supply of precooked sodium bombs, a "works while you sleep" miracle wrap, or a month of herbal-nutra-advo-isa-vita-fast-slim-ology cocktails. Mine isn't a plan or a package. It's simple.

It's common sense. "What are you eating? What are you doing?" Simply stated, eat more calories than your body is using, you'll store fat. Burn more calories than you're eating, you'll lose weight. That's the basic science of it.


The more complex science offers an understanding of the truth behind, "you are what you eat." As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, my job is to educate clients. I help people change the way they think about food and develop a better understanding of how, biologically, what we eat literally becomes us.

The old, "calories in, calories out," saying is misleading. A calorie is simply a measurement. When building a house, you don't call the lumberyard and say, "I want 100,000 pounds of materials." You need specific materials to perform specific functions. Your body needs specific materials as well.

I can conduct an overall assessment to identify your body's deficiencies and coach you to improve your overall health and vitality through nutritional recalibration. Eating the right foods can profoundly impact your life.

Stop Training for Bikini Season, Start Training for LIFE - Revolution World Fitness, Jamie Lynndale, Training for Life, Health, Faith-based Fitness

Back to Fitness: The million dollar secret is JUST DO IT! (Nike has that right.) Do something, ANYTHING! Get going. Embrace variety. SWEAT!


If you need guidance in this area, I can help. I know a variety of incredible personal trainers who can assist with getting started in your home or at the gym. Also, the internet is full of self-proclaimed fitness gurus who are posting videos daily. (Pinterest, YouTube,,, plus tons of free apps!) **As always, consult your physician prior to beginning a new fitness regimen.

"What are you eating? What are you doing?" Herein lies the secret to a healthier, happier you.


In the words of Mark Twain, "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Call (952) 540-7808 or email and get set for success.


Take care of your body;

you have to live in it for the rest of your life.

2 Chronicles 15:7

"Be strong and do not give up,

for your work will be rewarded."

© 2014 Revolution World Fitness, LLC.

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