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Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

Everyone needs nutritional support, but most don’t know which vitamins and supplements to take. Find out what your body is crying for to boost optimal health and conquer your fitness goals.


All nutritional therapy services begin with this revolutionary total-body assessment. Sophisticated algorithms identify your potential deficiencies and provide nutritional and supplemental recommendations.

Investment: Free

4-Week Individualized Assessment & Nutritional Recalibration Program

with a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

  • Functional Body Evaluation

  • Health/Lifestyle Overview

            Health History        Diet                         Exercise/Activity

            Stress Levels         Sleep Patterns        Medications/Supplements

  • Lingual-Neural Testing (if applicable)

  • Personalized Nutritional Plan

  • Weekly Food Journal Evaluation

  • Three Individual Sessions

Investment: 399


4-Week Total Health Recalibration Program

with a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

and a Personal Trainer

  • Individualized Assessment & Nutritional Recalibration Program (see above)

  • Personalized Fitness Session

  • Fitness Journal Evaluation

  • Fitness Consulting

Investment: 599

Progress Coaching

Follow-up consultation with your NTP or FNTP and/or Personal Trainer to adjust nutritional protocols, update health plan, conduct reevaluations as necessary, and provide advanced educational tools to ensure successful progression.


Individual Session: 99

Package of 5 Sessions: 399

Working with Jamie Belz, FNTP

Initial Intake : 150

Functional Evaluation : 150

Lingual-Neural Testing : 50

Individual Progress Coaching:150

Package of 5 Sessions: 500

Group Sessions: Please Inquire


Additional Tools for Successful Outcomes:


Progress Coaching/Accountability Plans

Accountability is key. Effective accountability is unique for each individual. Incentives, text communication, groups, personal trainers, and wake-up calls are just a few of the tools utilized in current accountability plans. We can work together in developing a strategy to keep you on course for the long run.

Investment: Variable based upon personal plan


Grocery Shopping Tours

The health of the family rests on the shoulders of whoever steers the shopping cart. Good fats? Bad fats? Fat free? Organic? Natural? GMOs? Low Carb? Carb Loading? Raw Sugar? Sugar Free? Low Sodium? Sea Salt? Gluten Free? It’s a marketing driven mess! How do you know what to believe?


Enjoy a private, guided tour through your local grocery store and see it in a new light. Learn how to read labels, what to avoid, what to add, and how to revamp your family’s favorites in a healthier way. Ultimately, cut through the chaos and jumpstart your educational journey toward REAL FOOD choices.

Investment: 299



Custom Events & Experiences

  • In-Home, Full-Family, Healthy Lifestyle Pep Rally

  • Girls’ Nights (Customizable topics such as: Beauty isn’t skin deep, it comes from within - eat your way to healthier hair and clearer skin.)

  • Sports Nutrition Workshops

  • Cooking Classes

  • Sugar Handling Seminars

  • Weight Loss Jump Start

  • Detox 101

  • Introduction to “The Gym”

  • Building Fit Futures (BFF) Kids’ Programs

Investment: Variable

* Additional fees may apply based on distance traveled and other accommodations.

** Services expire 6 months post purchase date.

If you are a health practitioner looking to join our incredible team. Please click here and let's chat!

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