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A Harvard study reported that medical costs fall $3.27 and absentee day costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent on corporate wellness programs. Healthy employees are productive employees.

Revolution World Fitness utilizes the Fortis Corporate Wellness Program, written by NTP, Erin Foushee.

How will your company benefit?

  • Increase morale, energy, and productivity

  • Reduce employee sick leave

  • Lower health care costs

  • Improve employee retention through stress reduction, team building, and friendly competitions

What sets the Fortis Corporate Wellness Curriculum apart?

  • In-person educational workshops, health screenings, and fitness training

  • Increased accountability and motivation through instructor led sessions

  • Preventative, rather than reactive, based programs

  • Tracking and biometrics of employees' workouts, weight, body composition, blood pressure, and nutrition

  • An interactive approach to wellness

  • A variety of programs to fit your company's needs

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